Modern Goddess: Being an Empowered Woman in Today's World

A woman’s work and worth

     I sat in shock and sadness, trying to not let too much emotion register in my face or body, as my director sat in front of me, informing me that my class was cancelled. She did not know that I commuted from an hour and a half away, or that since classes were […]

Peachy Keen recipes for summer

      These are recipes that I developed in the summertime for the delicious utilization of stone fruits. These recipes are for peaches but could use nectarines instead. Cherries could be used in place of blueberries for the pie recipe. May you go forward in sweetness!

Sweet and Spicy Summer Love Peach Pie
1 1/4 cups flour
1/4 […]

Peachy Keen

I am working on my recipe for peach cheesecake this afternoon, poring over multiple recipes to find the right combination of recipes to work with, the right flavor combinations, and the final recipe that I wish to use. This is a week and half after I lost the peach pie baking contest, having spent […]

“Star Wars” new she-ro

Rey is the first female protagonist in the storyline of “Star Wars,” the she-ro, if you will. And her love interest is a black man. Star Wars has come a long way from the traditional hero’s journey. In the first trilogy, the protagonist is a white male, eager to adventure on his own, and leave […]