Fitting In: Sociocultural Beauty Standards

I had a dream one night during the week that I was teaching about body image and self-esteem in my psychology of women class. I was in the garden of a small house, and it had a large tree with a tire swing and tall grass growing in it. A young girl, about age […]

Survival of the Prettiest

In my Psychology of Women class, I like to deconstruct stereotypes in multiple ways. I start with biological sex, and sexual orientation. Then, I move to gender roles, and start from the ground up, beginning with the likes and dislikes that we are subscribed as children, the colors we wear, the activities that are […]

Sacred Cats

This is a presentation I gave on Sacred Cats at PantheaCon 2017. It covers the lore, history and role of cats throughout civilization and time.

Six Steps of Self-care for Times of Crisis

We spend a lot of time running around in our lives, busy with work, home, raising children, having social lives, and numerous responsibilities. We also spend a lot of time engaging with technology and meeting other people’s needs. Most of us do not spend enough with our ourselves, feeling […]

Letter to Hillary Clinton

I write to you, Madame Secretary and former First Lady, to pay my respects to all of the fine work that you have done for our country. I saw you speak at my high school when you were first lady, speaking about outreach programs and education. I […]

Man of the patriarchy


As much as I did not want to comment on the current political climate, when a candidate takes aim at the opponent who is female and degrades her, and in fact, degrades women in general, then I must speak. Actually, I have to refrain from shouting, raging and turning into the Hulk. Throughout the […]

Modern Goddess in the Kitchen: Pumpkin Cupcakes

Fall is one of my favorite times of year, since it is pumpkin season! I enjoy both sweet and savory pumpkin dishes and one of my favorite things to bake and share is pumpkin cupcakes! I like to serve these with ginger frosting, which has a delightful kick to it. I make all of […]

Female Ghostbusters

Audiences had been captivated with the new “Ghostbusters” Movie, becoming one of the summer’s big blockbuster hits. It being a female led cast had been the concern fore many, some of whom criticized the producers choices in making the film that they did., Weeks after the movie came out, there were still posts going […]

Save a Kitten, Save Yourself

Two weeks ago I fell in love with a special little someone- a kitten! I met a beautiful Russian blue, eight month old kitten. I saw her at Petco when I was there buying cat food for my regal black-haired Egyptian god in a cat’s body, Ra. I wandered […]

A woman’s work and worth

     I sat in shock and sadness, trying to not let too much emotion register in my face or body, as my director sat in front of me, informing me that my class was cancelled. She did not know that I commuted from an hour and a half away, or that since classes were […]